Arabian rose


Arabian Rose is one of the most popular hand-rolled luxury casino poker chips. Its smooth round surface, sweet aroma, soft feel and beautiful finish make it a favorite with both amateur and professional players. Sweet, gentle, slightly spicy, smooth, rich, and balanced. This rare oil has a deep, rich floral and spicy fragrance. The fragrance of this exotic oil promotes a sense of harmony; it’s highly therapeutic and soothing.

Arabian Rose has a very distinctive, clean, fresh fragrance that is clean and fresh like a lily. In fact, the aroma is so alluring it smells exactly like a lily. Its long lasting fragrance keeps you coming back for more. A pure, white, sweet and light fragrance, it exudes a freshness like no other and makes it perfect for day or night wear. It is a wonderful companion in casinos and can be used to complement almost any type of casino game. It smells great in Texas Hold ’em, roulette, craps, blackjack or many other types of poker games.

Its unique exotic scent is delectable. It’s refreshing fragrance leaves a wonderful scent that will leave you wanting more. Wearing Arabian rose in the casino will leave you feeling refreshed after a long, hard day at work. Arabian rose is a good choice for any occasion and its exotic scent only enhances the beauty of any occasion. It has a fresh spicy scent and a long lasting, sensual, floral and feminine fragrance that will make you feel irresistible.