If you love playing casino games that are based on hunting animals then you must try out the online version of Archer. The game is a casino game that is based on the famous TV show of the same name. Archer is a five-reel, 250-section video slot produced by Playtech, which features wild archery symbols, white symbols, scatter and draw symbols. You can easily play the online Archer video slot at Europa Casino, Playmobil Casino, and many more online casinos. The game modes in this version are also available for play at real casino games. This is one of the most popular online slots, that is used as a slot machine for gambling purposes.

This version of the slot machine is a simple flash game that is easy to understand and play. The rules of the game are quite simple and easy to follow and includes random number generators. The video slot machine game of Archer has a limit of ten bets. The game offers two modes-the standard game modes and the bonus mode. In the standard game mode, the player can place three different bets while in the bonus mode the player can double his or her bets during the game session.

There are two kinds of game spins-one is the normal spin where the reels rotate randomly; the second is the bonus spin where the reels spin randomly after a random number generator is used. Each bet of the player earns money and if the total sum of money earned by all the bets equals the payout value of the player, then the player will earn the money. Archer is not one of those slots that offer a large jackpot but, it offers good paying bets and that is the reason why it is loved by many. This game has two kinds of ways-standard and bonus-and that is the reason why it is loved by many. The Standard mode of the game pays off better than the bonus mode of the same game and therefore, most people prefer to play with the regular bet on the standard game rather than changing to the bonus game when it offers better payouts.