Fruitoids is a fun retro-styled, high-roller style virtual slot machine based on vintage classic slots of the mid 90s. It takes place in a colorful virtual casino and players can use fruit to wager from one to nine dollars on any number of genuine fruit tokens or fake fruit tokens. The game is designed so that you always have at least one fruit token when you flip through the reels. Fruitoids is easy to play and fun to master thanks to its unique look and sound effects.

In playing fruitoids you will need to know some basics about playing video slot machines before even starting. For example, you’ll need to know what the symbols stand for, which colors make that symbol different colors and how those symbols are used in combination with one another on the pay line. You should also know how to count off fruit and how much money you have earned by the time you get to the video slot machine jackpot. You should also be familiar with basic casino game strategies like when to bet big and when to fold. The best way to learn these strategies is to play lots of slot games and see how they work. Once you get the hang of playing fruitoids, you may want to try other casino games because this one is a whole lot of fun.

If you love winter berries, this is a great slot machine game to play during the long winter months. The payout is pretty good and this machine will have you searching for that sweet juicy red winterberry you’ve been craving. In the winterberries symbol is actually “winter”, but without the name you’re probably not going to find the real fruit inside. To play fruitoids successfully you need to know when to lay down the money instead of paying out to try and win it back later. The best strategy to remember is to lay down the money before you run out of it – a slot review is definitely in order.