Wild water

NetEnt has created a retro-fantastic five-reel slot game, Wild Water. The design evokes a simpler time, when surfers used to hit the waves and frolic in the ocean. Wild Water can be played on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. The slot game has a surfer theme and can also be played on desktop computers. It features many bonus features. Read on to learn more. We review Wild Water below and recommend it for all your gaming needs.

One of the best aspects of Wild Water is its theme. The game features cartoonish symbols and a realistic surfing theme, which is appealing to many players. The background features a beautiful beach or an open ocean, and the soundtrack is excellent. The graphics are impressive, but be prepared to get stuck on certain symbols when you play the game for the first time. If you do not like the gameplay, you can always go back to it later.

Wild Water is a slot machine game powered by NetEnt. This game has a fixed number of paylines and you can place your bets in coins or credits. The game also offers two surfer cash bonuses. During the basic game, there is a chance to win as much as 20,000 euros. The betting limits in Wild Water are reasonable – you can bet as low as 0.20 euros per spin or as much as 100 euros.